Blue Flower


Work Prayers

Prayer to start your day:

Father in Jesus name I ask you for the strength to deal with this day. Jesus, I confess that I need your help. I cancel all of the plans of the enemy against myself, my family, my job, and my finances and my possessions in the name of Jesus Christ. I break all curses and witchcraft of any form that are set against me. I bind all accident, injury, death and destruction coming against everything you have made me a steward of. I ask you for wisdom in every area of my life. I bind everything that would be clouding my mind and I command my mind to focus, wake up and function the way God created it. I loose clear thinking, reality and the ability to make wise decisions on my mind in Jesus name.


Prayer for those seeking for work:

Father in Jesus name I pray and ask you for work to meet my needs. I loose angels now to go and create opportunity for me and to make sure that anything I mail out goes to the right people at the right job at the right time. I pray that when I call that there will be someone who I can talk to that will help me. I loose favor, an excellent spirit, rapport, and grace into me now in Jesus name. I bind up all hatred of work, a negative attitude, passivity, poverty, debt, lack, want and need in Jesus name. I confess and break off any Whoredoms, judgements and iniquities of unemployment, bankruptcy, thievery, bad business, and the curse of not finding a job and the curse of slavery. I fall out of agreement of fear during the interviews, mind blanking, lack of confidence, unworthiness and selling myself short.


Prayer for your work:

Father in Jesus name, I thank you for the job that I have. Lord, I cancel all plans that the enemy has for my job, co-workers, boss and the company that I work for. I come against all backlash that comes against me and my job for just being in deliverance and supporting deliverance ministries. Lord, I ask that you bless the hands and the fruits of my labor and let me be a blessing and not a curse to my company. I loose on myself spirits of favor and promotion from the Lord. Lord, I ask you to bless Laban for Jacobs sake and prosper the company that I work for. I loose angels to help me with my work, to increase my productivity and to point out all mistakes that would harm my work. I bind all fatigue and loose on myself strength and vitality. I loose on myself a sharp mind, creativity, insight, and vision to help me day by day.


Problems at Work

Projects are difficult or hard:

Jesus, things are not going well in the job that I have, and I am coming to You for help. I ask you for the smarts (wisdom, insight and ingenuity) for the work I am doing. I bind all nervousness, shame, confusion, fear of failure and the fear of being fired and command them to leave me now in Jesus name. I loose on myself the willingness to work, learn and be taught. I bind all spirits of rebellion, the hatred of work, and Arrested Development in Jesus name. I also bind the spirits that harass me and tell me that I am an idiot, that I am stupid and that I will never learn what is put before me. Lord, raise me above these wicked spirits and put them to open shame.


Strife and contention at work:

Jesus, things have become ugly and stressful at my job, and I am coming to you for help. Lord I ask that you make me wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove and that you give me an upright heart in all things. Since this is the job that the Lord has given me, I take authority over it in Jesus name. If the Lord put me into it, then the Lord can only take me out of it. I loose angels to go untie all of the emotional, professional and personal knots that the enemy has created at my workplace. I cancel all plans the enemy has for my job, and I rebuke these spirits in Jesus name and command them to leave.

I bind any spirits that would seek to cause problems or fights between myself, co-workers and boss. I bind, break off and cancel any and all witchcraft, manipulation, control, and domination, that would be operating in the workplace, through coworkers and through or against my boss in Jesus name. I bind, break off and cancel all strife and contention between labor and management. I bind up all of the spirits causing problems with suppliers and clients. I bind up all arguing, back-biting, scheming, back-stabbing, office politics, and all childish games being played where I work. I loose confusion and civil war on all of the spirits promoting this. I also Lord ask you to cast out the scorner and the spirit of scorning so the contention stops and I loose peace mercy and grace wherever I go.